030 Virtual Assistant Podcast – Can I Hire A VA To Do Things That I Am Not Able To Train Them To Do?

by admin on November 4, 2010

Topics Covered In this Episode:
-How can my VA help with my podcast production?
-Can I hire VA to do job that I know little about?
-Tried out Manymoon.com. I give my thoughts.
-I upgraded to Highrise Plus Plan
-Andrea researching dental options for my daughter.
-My use of Mindmapping with Mindmeister.com

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Special thanks to Contemporary VA for sponsoring this podcast. This is the firm I, personally, use for my own business. I would not have had the time to produce this show without it making financial sense for me to do so. Their sponsorship has made this show possible. If you get a chance, thank them in any creative way you can think of. If you desire, this is the link to their contact page.

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  • Anonymous

    Hi Cliff, Thanks so much for answering my question in the podcast. I hadn’t realised that the Audacity Project file was not self contained but needed to draw off the original audio clips, so I’ll give it a try to sent the whole folder including audio clips between me and my VA for editing. I do mainly record on my H2 Zoom when travelling, so it’s WAV files, but I manage to transfer them by uploading them to my server and then my VA will download them from there via Filezilla, then we can delete them when we’re done. I take your point about ultimately getting my VA to do the whole task, however, I think that this would need to be developed with training over time, as I do like to clean up all the umms and errs from my recordings and also I may be stringing 10 or more soundscene recordings together with music, so it’s quite a complex bit of editing that would require some training. I’m in touch with John who also asked a question on your podcast and will give him any tips I can on how I found my VA – it was through http://www.onlinejobs.ph/index.php which has been mentioned on previous podcasts which is run by John Jonas http://www.jonasblog.com/

  • Thanks for the update Heather. I am glad that my answer helped. Thank you very much for listening to the show!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Cliff, I had another thought after listening to the podcast again,
    – in the podcast you answered a question about how you might train a VA on things like how to set up a WordPress site if you don’t have those skills yourself. One option in addition to those you mentioned is to find free or paid training material that you can get your VA to work through. I’ve used the training videos at the becomeablogger.com programme for basic training on wordpress – there are some initial free videos on how to set up the self hosted WordPress blog and then a paid programme which is ideal for beginners or for a VA who has some technical knowledge but hasn’t used WordPress a lot. I found the becomeablogger programme to be good value considering the wide range of content available and once you have completed the course you have ongoing access to all the material without further payment. Also there is a paid programme at Replacemyself.com which is specifically targeted as training for VAs in internet marketing. By the way I don’t have any relationship with either of these programmes other than as a user.

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