034 Virtual Assistant Podcast – The Most Devastating News In My Virtual Assistant Journey

by admin on December 3, 2010

In this episode, I share that I just learned this week that Andrea, my virtual assistant, has given notice and after the end of the year, she will be leaving Contemporary VA to pursue another job opportunity that she couldn’t pass up. I share my thoughts on how I felt initially about this and how I plan to proceed with finding someone to take over the work that I had Andrea doing for me.

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  • Walter Johnson

    Wow Cliff. It will certainly be interesting to watch the rest of your journey with the VA process now that Andrea is moving on to other things. Sorry for this bump in the road for you. Thanks again for your shared experiences…

  • Yeah I was really bummed out at first. However, in my heart, I knew something like this could happen. Finding someone to replace Andrea will not be an easy task.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Cliff, I’ll be interested to see how you work through this setback. Might I suggest that it may be a good point to consider a VA from the Philippines as combined with another US based VA? I’ve had my VA from the Philippines for a year now and although he’s not perfect, I’ve found him extremely dedicated and able and he has taken a big load off my shoulders. Plus of course the rates are extremely affordable by our standards although probably more than he could earn working locally.

    One of the things that I heard about VAs from the Philippines that has so far been correct in my year’s experience is that they are less likely to move on to other jobs than US or UK based VAs for a few reasons;
    1. Jobs are hard to come by in the Philippines, even for the best qualified candidates, so they are keen to stay with a job if it’s working well for them, and paying well by local standards.
    2. There is not a strong entrepreneurial culture but rather the goal of most Philippines employees is to get a steady job with a reliable employer and employers from the US or Europe are considered especially prestigious
    3. There is a strong work ethic and desire to please in the culture which means they don’t want to let you down.
    Obviously this is based on only a year of employing my VA but it’s what I’ve heard a lot from various sources.

    Best of luck in your search for the perfect VA

  • Sorry to hear Cliff, its part of the process and if you have tasks that are recurring I suggest you spend the time to create system manuals and videos on how to get them done so that you do not have to spend time retraining any new hire.

  • Thanks for the comment Heather. I’m still pretty stuck on the the use of a domestic VA for my own purposes. Especially when it comes to interacting with my clients. However, one day, I’ll eventually hire a 2nd VA and will look to the Philippines at that time.

  • The good news is that CVA actually created a detailed procedure manual for me. However, I am the type that I want to make sure that have some time to communicate things in training that aren’t easily communicated with words on a page and a few screen caps. 😉

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